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Web-Based Applications

Organizations with multiple locations may opt for web-based applications for their business. Using cloud-computing technology, web-based applications are easy to maintain, update, and upgrade from anywhere.

SiSCOTEK has experience developing web applications for a diverse range of clients, from mortgage and document-expediting companies to international schools. These applications are used by customers of these organizations in order to conduct and track business transactions, forward and receive important documents, or even submit college admission statements.

Web Sites

SiSCOTEK’s Web Hosting allows customers to have a unique website tailored to their purposes and needs. We carefully consider our customers’ creative ideas and needs while constructing their website, resulting in a beautifully designed web page hosted on our servers, with its own unique site address.

Software Solutions

When ordinary software doesn’t quite meet your expectations, let SiSCOTEK develop custom software for you. We’ve developed tracking solutions for fire departments, billing solutions for banks, and entire networks for universities. Whatever your needs, SiSCOTEK can help you meet them with ease.

System Solutions

No matter how you use your computer, SiSCOTEK can design a high-powered, state-of-the-art personal computer for you. We specialize in creating the best machines using the best components available for purposes such as gaming, graphic design, and for use with business networks. Whether you prefer Windows, Apple, or LINUX, our custom computers will run on the latest operating systems to the specifications that best suit you.

Network Solutions

Based in Queens, SiSCOTEK offers its network support services to the entire New York Metropolitan Area. We offer contracts to both businesses and individuals, providing constant network monitoring and troubleshooting. We are able to report on network usage, disk space availability, and server function, as well as configure security settings and access permissions for individuals or groups.

Maintenance Contract Options:

Server: $150/month

PC: $30/month

Printer: $30/month

Exchange Server: $300/month

Virus Removal

SiSCOTEK provides reliable solutions for computers afflicted by viruses. Our staff ensures a thorough purging of any malicious software from our customers’ hard drives, and offers antivirus software to prevent future infections.